Promoting Your Business

There are five ways you can promote your business on GlobalSound:

1. Claim your company (Free), and change the information at any time. The option to claim a company is shown together with the company’s info, above the image.

2. Post news about your business (Free). You can do that under the Post tab. After the information is posted, people can share it on social media.

3. You can add more information to your listing (Free until further notice. No credit card needed):

  • Unlimited wording in the description
  • Short description, which appears on listing excerpt (usually after a search)
  • Up to 8 images
  • Up to 5 PDF files
  • Social Media links (Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly

4. You can make your company featured. Featured listings will appear on the sidebar, and on top of regular listings when displaying companies in your category. You will be presented with the option to make your company featured when submitting or claiming your listing. (Free until further notice. No credit card needed)

5. Add a custom banner to the sidebar (replacing the Google ads as shown on the right). We’re flexible about the size and which pages to show your ad. Please, contact us for detail.